Ursula N. Crosbie

Fine Art

This is a sculpture I build years ago and then several years later I had a dream and decided to paint the entire surface with images from various paintings by the great shaman Norval Morisseau.
It has taken me years to finish. I am presently holding on to it until I can get permission to donate it to the Native Women's Association of Canada in hopes that they/we can start a major fundraiser to raise awareness and funds for missing and deceased aboriginal women here in Canada. After all, we are "the village", right?
In other news, Red Hen pottery Studio has invited me to join their new gallery space. Red Hen Gallery in Mulmur, Ontario. Hope to see you there. Here is link to the website. http://redhengallery.com
Here is a sample of some of the 3D ceramic work I have on display at the Red Hen Gallery in Mulmur. Come visit us any time on week ends.